Keenjump is a business group,which consists of media legal and commercial sections, at first just with you signs a contract of agency license to the best applicants who are experts and have good working experience. Marketing and searching for a target market for your good is free of charge and it is instead of permission contract for working on your brand and after confirming a costumer or an agent by you, whose steps will be done by lawyers and the legal section, your negotiations with a costumer will be done with our guarantee for sake of your benefits by our legal section. After granting agency, from annual sale amount, the commission of the company, which is 5 to 10 percent will be paid. When sale starts, marketing section and media section of this company start working and identifying a target market as an advertising agent of yours in Iran and based upon the agreement between a buyer and a seller, they advertise to increase the amount of sale. Considering the existence of the media section and advertisement in the hard core of this company, this process will be done with minimum expenditure. Also during whole contract, your benefits in Iran will be protected and done by the legal section freely ( free of charge)