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Nowadays modernity in advertising has resulted in the failure of unprofessional advertising policies. Keenjump company's strategy is based upon commerce and different and unique marketing for each costumer of its. It happens in a way that at first Keenjump's experts get totally familiar with those with whom they have a contract and then the experts form the foreign body for Keenjump's costumer based upon mutual resources between two parties.

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After getting completely familiar with how to work and your attitudes and reaching an agreement for cooperation, Keenjump's media and marketing teams form institutions in a country or countries with which you are agreed and these teams create key markets and ask agency for your brand with goods and your services. In this procedure everything from A to Z will be done by Keenjump's legal and marketing and media teams and you just confirm offered projects. We believe for sale, we will be able to increase the amount of franchise with lower costs through forming expert groups in an area and knowing local environment.

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The sale is a turning point for a friendship. After passing selling process and forming franchise or every other form of sale, Keenjump company's legal department will legalize mutual benefits and solve problems and marketing and media departments will focus on advertising and marketing. In fact, we will increase the purchase times and the amount of purchase. Keenjump will be your host along the whole way.

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